Michael Vaughan speaks at Oxford University’s Venoms and Toxins Conference

Michael Vaughan, a Hamish Ogston Foundation health advisor, spoke at Oxford University’s Venoms and Toxins 2019 conference to provide greater insight on the work and philosophy of the Foundation. He was joined by Professor David Warrell, Emeritus Professor of Tropical Medicine at Oxford University, a fellow Hamish Ogston Foundation health advisor and the world’s foremost expert on snakebites, who chaired the event.

In his speech, Michael highlighted key milestones accomplished by the Hamish Ogston Foundation, including its pledge of over £3m to fund antivenom clinical trials in Vietnam, India and Myanmar as well as the Foundation’s recent appointment of Tom Lamb, the first Hamish Ogston Foundation Fellow.

He also emphasised the key beliefs and philosophy that guides the work of the Foundation including: active mentorship, measurable outcomes and goals and an entrepreneurial mindset. Watch the full video here…

Also in attendance were David Williams, the Global Snakebite Initiative CEO and Tom Lamb. Learn more about snakebites and the Foundations’ latest initiatives to combat the issue here…


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