Education Grants 2020: Successful Applicants

Administered by the Global Snakebite Initiative (GSI)

The individual grants of £5,000 for 20 projects of 3-6 months targeted junior researchers and clinicians. There were about 40 bona fide applications but others were outside the stated criteria, such as: requests for equipment, payment of a laboratory worker’s salary and an ambitious request for $500,000. The applications were considered under the following headings:

  1. Merit and Originality
  2. Likelihood of Success
  3. Anticipated Benefits

The successful applicants will be asked to produce a 30-60 second video clip explaining the project, which can be uploaded to the Global Snakebite Initiative and Hamish Ogston Foundation websites with periodic information on progress.

Thanks to everyone who applied, please click here to see the list of successful applicants. Congratulations!


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